Choosing Car Repairs

Power And Pressure Loss: Engine Damage Troubleshooting To Know What Repairs You Need

Sometimes, the repairs that cars need are more than just a tune-up. When an engine loses pressure and power, it is going to need to be fixed by a qualified mechanic. Before you cause problems to worsen, you will want to identify your engine's problems to start planning the repairs. The following engine troubleshooting guide will help you determine the cause of problems and repairs your engine needs:

Blown inlet manifold seals causing problems and leaks

Your engine's manifold is where the air and fuel come together and are delivered to the engine. When the manifold has a blown seal, it can cause major performance issues because the cylinders will not be getting the right air and fuel ratio. Some of the signs that your car may have a bad engine manifold include:

  • Engine misses on some cylinders
  • Noisy exhaust when idling or driving at higher RPMs
  • Strong fuel smell after your engine has warmed up
  • Oil leaks that are noticeable and cause burning oil smells

Blown manifold gaskets are some of the most common engine problems, and they can be easily repaired.

Issues with warped heads causing engine performance problems

Next, the heads are another area where you can have blown seals and gaskets. This can be caused by issues like filling the oil too much or due to warped heads (common with aluminum heads). You will want to have the heads looked at if your car has the following problems:

  • Problems with overheating and cooling fluid loss
  • Loud clicking exhaust noises when the engine is running
  • Problems with power loss once the engine gets warm
  • Backfiring or missing at higher RPMs

If there are blown head gaskets, you will want to have them replaced before the issue causes serious damage to your car. You may also need to have the heads worked by an engine repair service if they are aluminum and warped.

Issues with leaking seals that can lead to major engine problems

There are many other seals for parts connected to your engine that can cause serious damage. Seals and gaskets can leak, which can lead to loss of oil and other fluids and eventually causes damage to your engine. Some of the seals connected to your engine that may need to be replaced include:

  • Transmission seals
  • Gaskets for heads and manifolds
  • Housings for thermostats and sensors
  • Water pump seals

There are many types of engine designs and different seals that can blow. If you have an oil leak, then it is most likely due to one of these seals that have failed and need to be replaced.

Sometimes, engines' problems can be fixed if you catch them in time and have them repaired quickly. If you are having trouble with performance, visit an engine repair service to have these problems fixed.