Choosing Car Repairs

What You Need To Know About Brake Resurfacing And Repair

Your brake rotors are one of the most critical parts of your car's braking system. They help to slow your vehicle down by converting the kinetic energy of motion into heat energy or friction. Over time, brake rotor wear and performance may make brake repair necessary, including rotor resurfacing or replacement.

Brake Rotor Resurfacing

If your brake rotors are worn, you may need to have them resurfaced or replaced to regain lost performance. Brake rotor resurfacing is a process that involves removing a thin layer of metal from the surface of the rotor on a lathe.

The purpose is to smooth out imperfections on the surface and restore the rotor to its original condition. The brake repair shop doing the work will measure the thickness of the rotors to ensure resurfacing is safe before they cut them. If they are too thin, you may need replacements.

Where To Get Rotor Resurfacing

When considering brake rotors resurfacing, there are a few things you need to know. First, it is vital to find a reputable brake repair shop and experience techs with brake resurfacing experience. Second, you need to decide whether you want to have your rotors resurfaced or replaced. 

Resurfacing is a less expensive option, but it may not always be possible if the brakes have been neglected and there is extensive damage to the rotors. Replacement can be more expensive, but it will give you new rotors with a warranty that will last for a long time when maintained properly.

Once you have decided to have your brake rotors resurfaced or replaced, you will need to take your car to the brake repair shop. The tech will remove the rotors from your vehicle and carefully inspect them. 

If the rotors are salvageable, the tech will resurface them. However, if they are out of spec or too thin, the tech may need to replace them instead. After the rotors have been resurfaced or replaced, the tech will reinstall them on your car, adjust the brakes, and test the braking system to ensure it is working properly. The entire process typically only takes a few hours, and depending on the shop, you may be able to take your vehicle in for service and wait for the repair. 

Brake inspection and repair are essential steps in maintaining your car's brake system. Having your local brake repair shop check and make repairs regularly can help to ensure that your brakes will work properly for many years to come.